Writing Guidelines

Writing Guidelines

If you’d like to write for Holidays for Humanity, please read through these writer’s guidelines completely before doing anything else. The next thing we’ll ask is that you become familiar with our values, and the travel services and destinations we stand behind.

Holidays for Humanity publishes original articles on mindful travel opportunities – alternatives that are long on impact and rich in experience. These range from culinary workshops, to elephant conservation programs, and from yoga retreats to eco-lodges. We publish positive-toned content only.

We also publish short interviews with successful leaders in this sector; travelers that have participated in any of our partner programs; professionals working in a field that help facilitate the sector’s growth; and destination-based photographic essays.

If you have been successful in travel writing, or photography, and would like to share your story, we’d love to hear from you.

Submissions should include your full name, address, and telephone number, and should be approximately 400-700 words for publication. We purchase all rights to the articles we publish and non-exclusive unlimited use rights to the images. Payment is upon publication. We retain the right to publish your article/photos in any affiliated publications, and on the World Wide Web.

We pay $50-$75 for articles we request for the website, $100-$150 for interviews, and $150-$200 for photographic essays. We pay on a variable scale depending on length/complexity of the article/feature.

Before using any content we will contact you with ‘our offer’.

If requested by the employees of Holidays for Humanity the author will verify all facts in the article and furnish the fact-checking material to Holidays for Humanity, including a list of sources and/or footnotes backing up each claim made, facts/research cited and sources included in the work.

Please Note:  We only respond to unsolicited articles on an as needed basis.  Due to the volume of submissions you may not get a response from us unless your article is going to be used in an upcoming series.

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