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Invest In Change And Extend Our Runway

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

-Margaret Mead


The story of Holidays for Humanity is over 5 years in the making. Today, we've become a leading travel media services company powered by passion, progressive values, and industry leading expertise. The global tourism market now exceeds over $7T annually, emerging segments such as purpose-based travel, are growing rapidly in both supply and demand. Yet they lag in distribution and technology - a solution we're about to solve. In 2006, Chris Anderson coined the term Long Tail. This product continuum illustrates that companies like Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes have redefined marketing by way of finding inventory-free models to sell thousands of products to a single person with quirky tastes. However the tourism industry, even to this day, has failed to grasp this demand. Instead, staying firm on selling one type of product to thousands of people. It is entrenched in the Short Tail. Why is this, especially when travel was one of the first industries to wholeheartedly adopt the Internet as a place for business? Why has it become so hesitant to the Long Tail? Why do they keep re-packaging the same product? It's true many people like safe, predictable travel, but that is only one part of the story. The other factors see distribution challenges arise from systems-based obstacles. From a dollars & cents perspective, the purposeful space also has far less individually owned inventory. They don't have 700 rooms worth of margin, nor the capacity to sell in bulk. Even if they did, many can't afford the reservations solutions that integrate into larger back-end systems or the commission demands of major retailers. They can't sell in volume.
There are also the divergent philosophies on values. This can't be understated. Our friends in the purposeful space care about their operational impacts and their customer's 'return on experience'. Travel media companies may look a lot alike. We have flashy websites, a defined market niche, and bold revenue projections, but how many offer strength in unity. How many mediums can cross-pollinate eco-travel with culinary experiences and conservation projects with surfing? How many companies help solve a technical problem and then pivot to distribute that same solution to a qualified consumer base downstream?

The answer is only one, us.

At Holidays for Humanity, we’re not just different, we’re committed to being better. Our values and straightforward approach set us apart – we wouldn’t be ourselves any other way.

Investor Search

We are looking for next-level investors that can extend our runway, and help us make our ding in the universe just a little bit bigger. You'll need you to share our values, and understand our vision, and we’ll want to tap your opinion and your critical thought. You'll be an important part of our success.

If you would like to see an investor deck, please email Michael Smit today. We'll have a few questions to start, and we’re looking forward to getting to know you.

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